Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looks like I'll use this, until I don't.

Over the years I've made a few abortive starts at blogging. No, I won't tell you where most of them are because I've forgotten most of the details - and in a couple of cases I'm not sure I want to own up to them anyway. They typically got a few posts, then got forgotten about.
There were a few things that contributed to that. A chronic lack of interesting things to say, for one. No feedback, for another. No real purpose for the trifecta. I have a few interesting thoughts about areas related to my job, but it's probably best not to blog about most of those for a number of reasons.

Fast-forward a few years... I find myself laying out a book, organizing cover art, looking at print-on-demand printing and distribution options, helping to build an author web presence... fast-forward a little further and I'm heavily involved in marketing and promotion. Seems I might have something interesting and useful to say, after all - comments on why a particular POD publisher was chosen for a particular edition, how easy it was dealing with a local printer for a short Australian digital print run, why for Australians Kobo Rocks but B&N are too hard to deal with, that kind of thing.

So, here I go again, starting to make a few comments on another blogging platform. Only, this time I might actually have something to say. Time will tell.


  1. How is the book coming along? Sounds like you are done with revisions and ready to make your leap. Best of luck to you, man!

  2. The first one is going okay; it's just come off a blog tour, and reviews of giveaway copies from a couple of blogs look like they're about to hit the blogosphere. So there's lots of bloggily bloggy blogging happening, or about to happen, or just happened. I just made a post today on the current status of the sequel... so that's going to be a huge time-sink well into June.